The Coventry South’s Zarah Sultana is named “2021 Young People’s MP for the year”

The Coventry South’s Zarah Sultana is named “2021 Young People’s MP for the year”

COVENTRY South MP Zarah Sultana was named the ‘2021 Young Person’s MP Of the Year’ by the charity for diversity and inclusion Patchwork Foundation.

Ms Sultana was awarded the honour at the highly regarded MP of the Year Awards that were hosted by and held by Patchwork Patron Mr Speaker The Rt Honorable Sir Lindsay Hoyle MP, in Speaker’s House earlier in the evening.

The awards honor MPs who actively engaged in communities of marginalized and underrepresented communities across the UK in the past twelve months.

The MPs are elected by the people, with the winners being chosen from an uninvolved panel of judges.

The MP, Ms Sultana MP was chosen as the person they felt was going way beyond the call to support young people and communities with a low representation.

She added: “I feel a special duty to advocate for the needs of the marginalized groups in the Parliamentary system including young people, working class communities as well as Muslims and minorities of ethnic origin which is why I am so incredibly happy to have been awarded this award.

“Politicians tend to ignore these groups, rather than fostering anger and hatred while accepting money from the wealthy.

“I will challenge the status quo by using my position as a Parliamentarian to take on this corrupt system.”

Labour Chairman Sir Keir Starmer MP congratulated all winners and nominees and stated: “Your work to empower youngsters from different and underrepresented backgrounds to get involved in politics is vital.

“Patchwork Foundation has created the space that will make the political process more accessible. I laud the extraordinary impact you’re having.”

The Rt Hon Sir Lindsay Hoyle MP, Speaker of the House of Commons, said: “It is fantastic to have this year’s 9th Annual MP of the Year Awards returning to the Speaker’s House to recognize the tireless work of MPs in 2021. They are there to support as well as champion and engage communities that are underrepresented.

“These awards are an excellent opportunity to recognize and acknowledge the hard effort that many of our MPs are doing for their constituents across the nation.”

Imran Sanaullah MD, Chief Executive of the Patchwork Foundation, said: “It’s been a joy to be back at Speaker’s House in the Speaker’s House for our first MP in-person of the Year Award since the 2018.

“After these difficult years, recognizing the extraordinary work MPs have done across the nation to advocate engagement, represent, and engage communities who aren’t represented has been extremely positive.

“It is also an indication of how crucial this is in the context of how we attempt to tackle the divisions that exist in our society, and the distrust in our political system.

“All members of the Patchwork Foundation would like to be awed and thank the winners for their dedication and aiding us in creating an electoral system that is as inclusive and inclusive as it is possible.”

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