The first time, Hindu officers in Pak Army were promoted to colonel.

The first time, Hindu officers in Pak Army were promoted to colonel.

Pakistan Army promoted two Hindu officer to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. This was the first such promotion in Pakistani history. They now hold the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, the highest ranking Hindu officer in Pakistan Army.

Details indicate that Major Dr. Kelash Kumar (and Major Dr. Aneel) were promoted as Lieutenant Colonels. For clarification, the Pakistan Army Promotion Board approved their promotions.

It is also gaining widespread acceptance on social networks. People started to show support for the appointment Lt.Col. Dr. Kelash Kumar and Lt.Col. Aneel Kamath on Twitter. These people celebrated religious inclusivity in such a well-respected institution. Twitteratis further stated that the Pakistani flag’s white section proudly represents the officers.

Fawad Chaudhry the Information Minister felicitated Lt. Col. Kelash K. He also called him “the pride of Pakistan”. Important to note: Dr. Kelash became the first Hindu Officer to be promoted as Lt.Col.

Lt. Col. Kelashkumar and Lt.Col. Aneel are both members of the Medical Corps. The first was born on 1981 in Tharparkar. He joined Pakistan Army as an infant in 2008. The second was born in Badin, 1982.

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