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We’ll fight and win them back.Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn

London (Anmol News)Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn says he is “very sorry” to have lost 80 councillors, but adds: “We’ll fight back and we’ll win them back.”

He says the results so far show Conservatives have lost about 500 councillors and swings to Labour in places such as Trafford, where he was visiting, give the party a platform for future elections.

“We are going to campaign and continue to campaign to try and keep and bring people together in negotations over Brexit, but also to oppose austerity and put forward an agenda which deals with the injustices that exist in this country,” he says.

He acknowledges that the party want to do better, and blamed the results on “local factors” as well as “people probably disagreeing with both parties on attitudes to the European Union”.

“Our policy is that we’re the only party that seeks to appeal to people however they voted in 2016 and to seek to defend jobs and working conditions in this country,” Mr Corbyn says.

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