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Tories and Labour suffer Brexit backlash as Lib Dems gain in local elections

The Conservatives and Labour have faced a backlash at the ballot box over the Brexit deadlock, with smaller parties and independents winning seats.

Results are coming in after local elections in England and Northern Ireland, and national politics seems to have been a deciding factor for voters.

The Tories have lost nearly 450 seats and 18 English councils so far, many of them to a resurgent Liberal Democrats.

Labour has also had a disappointing night, losing about 80 seats to date.

MPs have yet to agree on a deal for leaving the European Union, and as a result, the deadline of Brexit has been pushed back from 29 March to 31 October.

While local elections give voters the chance to choose the decision-makers who affect their communities, the national issue looms large on the doorstep.

Brandon Lewis, Conservative Party chair, said voters had given his party a very clear message they were “fed up” with the Brexit deadlock and “they want us to get it done”.

And Labour’s shadow chancellor John McDonnell tweeted “message received”, adding that politicians “need to get on sorting this out whichever way”

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