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RAWALPINDI: Director General of Inter-Service Public Relations, Major General Asif Ghafoor announced on Monday about the plans to being Madrassas under the regulation of the Ministry of Education.

Addressing the press conference, here in Rawalpindi, the DG ISPR briefed the media representatives about the steps taken to bring Madrassas into the mainstream.

“Their curriculum will include contemporary subjects. These madrassas will be under the Ministry of Education,” he continued.

He further elaborated that in the first phase, a bill will be prepared. In the second phase, the syllabus will be made and teachers posted. In the third phase, mainstreaming will take place.

“At the start Rs2 billion [will be] required, and then Rs1 billion annually,” he added.

“The Army believes in the philosophy of not leaving your sect and not lashing rival sect,” asserted DG ISPR.

He further went on to claim that only a few madrassas out of many are involved in spearheading hate and extremism.

Furthermore, the DG ISPR said that there is no organized terrorist group operating in Pakistan.

Slamming Indian lies, the military media wing spokesman said that New-Delhi has been lying about the casualties in Balakot strike following Pulwana attack.

Moreover, he offered Indian media to visit Balakot to see the truth as other foreign media outlets were facilitated by the Army in finding out the truth.

He further said that the concept of Hindutva in India, as a result of which Muslims have been targeted there, raises genuine concern for Pakistanis.

On the Kashmir dispute, Major General Ghafoor said that support for the Kashmiri people “runs in our blood.”

“Support for our Kashmiri brethren runs in our blood. We will do whatever it takes for their independence.”

We want to do everything for the people of tribal areas, but those who are playing in the hands of people, their time is up. Their time is up,” Maj Gen Ghafoor said, referring to the PTM.

“But the instructions of the army chief will be fully followed. People will not face any sort of problem and neither will any unlawful path be adopted,” he said, suggesting possible action against the PTM. “Everything will be done lawfully.”

“You have enjoyed all the liberty that you wanted to,” he said, addressing the PTM leadership.

Talking to media after the briefing, Maj. Gen. Ghafoor said agents of NDS and RAW were involved in the recent Balochistan and FATA attacks, and told public to trust their security forces and the government.

He said the 2.5 million students of madrassas are not terrorists and the government has allocated Rs2.7 billion to mainstream the madrassas.

He said some terrorist groups cross the open border of Pakistan and Iran and that’s why the Army has increased security on those borders.

He said the Frontier Corps (FC) South has been given responsibility of securing Pak-Iran border and he has no information of kidnapped Iranian security officials.

He said the government will perform the task of mainstreaming the madrassas and the Army will help them whenever needed.

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